California Building Standards Code

Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Testing Maintenance 2018

Fire Prevention Plan

Hot Work

The Hot Work Program details the process required to obtain and complete a hot work permit to perform hot work (welding, burning, grinding, and cutting) activities at the UC Riverside campus and facilities. These procedures have been established to prevent accidental fires, loss of life, injury from exposure to sparks, heat, or flames, and/or property loss. The hazards associated with hot work can be reduced through the implementation of an effective control program. For more information, please contact EH&S.

Hot Work Permit Request

Hot Work Designated Area Request

Special Collections Declaration


UCR Fire Extinguishers (2010)

Length: 4 min   Copyright 2010

Fires are one of the most common emergencies both at home, and in the workplace. At the University of California Riverside there is a fire alarm almost every day, mostly due to burnt food. Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can save your life one day. Topics include: classes of fire, visual inspection, escape route, open-palm / right hand, and the PASS technique.

Fired Up for Fire Safety

Length: 2 min   Copyright 2008

Topics of the videos include home fire safety checklist, home fire escape planning, and proper use of smoke alarms and residential fire sprinklers.


National Fire Protection Association

Heat : A Dangerous Combination

Length: 20 min   Copyright 2008

Covers the hazards of working outdoors in hot weather and what steps employees can take to protect themselves and co-workers.


Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries

Know What to Do if There is a Fire

Length: 2 min   Year uploaded: 2012

Short, educational messages developed based on research findings for safe home cooking to avoid fires and other burns.


Federal Emergency Management Agency

Prevent Scalds and Burns

Length: 2 min   Year uploaded: 2008

Cooking fires are the leading cause of home structure files and associated civilian injuries. This series of public service announcements reinforce cooking safety messages in your community.


National Fire Protection Association

Watch What You Heat

Length: 2 min   Year uploaded: 2003


National Fire Protection Association