Fire Prevention Training

There are many Training topics available online in the UC Learning Center.

Alarm Response

Overview of how to respond to a modified positive alarm sequence (MPAS). Topics include: fire sprinklers, heat sensors, manual pull stations, smoke detectors, and supervisory alarms involving AEDs and fire sprinkler valves.

Length: 5 min     Copyright: 2010     Type: eCourse (online training)

Fire Extinguishers

Introduction to use of a portable fire extinguisher. Topics include: Common Types of Fires, and PASS (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep) technique. 

Copyright: 2012     Time: 4.5 min     Type: eCourse (online training) 

The Fire Prevention Team may also be able to offer an in-person training by special request for specific groups on Campus. Please contact Cesar Pla for more information.